Zinc oxide 10%!!!!


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Δεν εχω να πω πολλα, υπάρχουν έρευνες οτι το zinc oxide 1% δίνει regrowht
Αν θέλετε την προσωπική μου γνώμη αυτο η θα βγει πολυ καλό η πολυ snake
Στο φαρμακείο της γειτονιάς έχουμε κρέμα ψευδαργυρου τύπου oxide 10%
Ειναι 100ml και κοστίζει 10ευρω.
Σήμερα ξεκίνησα εφαρμογη κροταφους αντικαθιστώντας την airol


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lab_rat είπε:
Η σχεση με pyrithione zinc??
Αμεση η έρευνα αφορά και τους δυο τύπους ψευδαργυρου και ειναι για περιεκτικότητα 1%
το σκευασμα ειναι αυτο



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tasos είπε:
η κρέμα είναι 10% Κapa ??

την αραιώνεις ή την βάζεις έτσι όπως είναι ?
ειναι 10% βαζω απο ενα μπαλακι μεγεθος μισου ρεβυθιου σε καθε κροταφο και ριχνω υγρο ψευδαργυρο για να την απλωσω στην εκταση της αραιωσης


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somari είπε:
Εγώ δε κατάλαβα τελικά... Zinc Oxide ή Zinc Pyrithione?
zinc oxide
zinc pyrithione
zinc sulfate
εγω προσωπικα δοκιμαζω oxide + pyrithione,zinc vs AA δηλαδη

In a study done on three different animals, a rabbit, guinea-pig and mouse with different types of topical Zinc formulations, one of the effects noticed was increased hair growth. In the study: Interspecies variations in response to topical application of selected zinc compounds animals; Zinc oxide, zinc sulfate and zinc pyrithione were found to cause increased hair growth.

One interesting study that showed the possible way that Zinc Oxide may stimulate hair growth was one a study titled: "Topical zinc oxide treatment increases endogenous gene expression of insulin-like growth factor-1 in granulation tissue from porcine wounds. In this study done on pigs it was shown that Topical Zinc Oxide increased IGF-1 concentrations by 50%.

This is very interesting and good news since it has been theorized in a published paper that increasing IGF levels may stimulate hair growth. In the paper titled Insulin-like growth factor 1 and hair growth it was suggested based on research that IGF-1 may be able to stimulate the proliferation of hair follicle cells through cellular signaling pathways of its receptors. The authors looked at existing research that had shown that local infusion of IGF-1 into sheep has been reported to be capable of stimulating protein synthesis in the skin and may also increase the production of wool keratin. Also recently, transgenic mice overexpressing IGF-1 in the skin have been shown to have earlier hair follicle development than controls. The authors went on to suggest that studies should be done on IGF-1 and hair growth.


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Αρα λειτουργει διεγειροντας την ινσουλινη.(αν θυμαμαι καλα μια ερευνα στο alopezie.de
ελεγε οτι η φιναστεριδη λειτουργει ιδιαιτερα καλα σε ατομα με χαμηλη IGF-1).